Bits 05Nov11 Currently my favourite site, especially for their SF Tidbits page (current for November 5, 2011). Pretty much what keeps me in the know on spec and a place to steal links.

Lawrence Person on Hephaestus Books: A Different Kind of Ripoff
1Q84 by Haruki Murakami is out – Haven’t read it but there is no doubt I will do as he’s one of my favourite writers. Random House link and another stolen link for an article by Matt Staggs, a writer I’m going to have to check out because the following article is creative psychobabble brilliance: Murakami’s ’1Q84?: Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy? On a site I probably now have to look in to.
A further note on 1Q84; I read something a while back on the design on the cover that was interesting but don’t remember where – I’m sure it could be googled if I could be bothered.

Steve Berman at seattle pi Creative Destruction and the Ebooks Market. This is a little older than the rest of the links above, but worth a click.

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